Easy Feasibilities and File Storage for Property Management


Feasible is a web app for managing property development, rental, and building projects. Feasible helps with feasibility forecasts (traditionally done with pen and paper) by speeding things up while also removing human error in feasibility calculations. Feasible also keeps your project organised with its easy File Manager - keep all of your project files in one place and easily share them with your team. No need to go hunting through emails any more.

Make It Easy

Create a project and you can immediately start uploading files and setting up expenses to generate a feasibility report.

Upload your project files to keep them all in one, easily sharable place.

You have the freedom to play with the expense numbers and immediately see the impact of those changes on your feasibility.

You can also invite other members of your team to help manage projects.

Keep It Simple

We are big believers in the power of simplicity and speed. By keeping things simple and fast we think that Feasible will always be useful.

We don't follow trends and gimmicks - we keep focus on the things that don't change and will always be important. Usefulness never goes out of style.

For Landlords

Feasible.com.au makes it easy to keep track of just how feasible each of your rental properties are. Add the core pricing information into on of our templates and let Feasible do the rest. You can also customise our templates to suit your exact requirements - make Feasible just the way you want it to be.

With the additional storage space that you gain online you can store your rental documents in the cloud securely with ease.

For Property Developers

Test out potential projects and consider new opportunities with ease. Drop the project's information into Feasible's templates and let it do the hard work crunching the numbers for you. With it's simple web interface, Feasible is accessible to you on the go. If you have a Web-connected tablet for example, you could be out at a job site and conduct a quick Feasibility study right then and there in just a couple of minutes.

As a property developer, take advantage of the file storage capabilites of the platform and utilise Feasible.com.au to keep track of your project files such as designs, budgets, sales & marketing materials and more. All accessible 24/7 online.

For Builders

Use Feasible.com.au to keep a close eye on your construction costs and track exactly what a project is costing or may cost you. Feasible's easy to use templates give you a host of features and information that make it a breeze to figure out if a project is feasible. Whether its a 3 bedroom home or a 20 story apartment block, Feasible can help you today.

Get Started

Whether you are a landlord, a property developer, or a builder, Feasible is for you.

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